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Discovering Lisbon

Bem-vindo a Lisboa, uma cidade cheia de história, cultura e charme! Ganhe inspiração sobre coisas para ver e fazer.

A city of tradition

A city is distinguished by its people, beliefs, customs and history, which is written in several chapters. This includes key events, personalities and typical figures from different eras, the gastronomy and traditions of its boroughs, the religious manifestations that have been kept alive as well as its preserved heritage.


About Lisbon

Lisbon is not only an ancient city with a rich and amazing heritage; it is also a modern and vibrant city. It is an important business, tourist and cultural hub.

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Exploring the city

Whether journeying through Lisbon’s narrow streets and alleyways, in the heart of its historic and ancient quarters, or along the 18-km long riverfront between Belém and Parque das Nações, for those seeking fun and leisure, you just have to follow set itineraries or simply relax.



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