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The WYD sets up a suport and population concentration zone in Lisbon

This municipal operational facility opens its doors on July 24th, ready to be activated in the event of an emergency during World Youth Day.

[Translate to Inglês:] Zona de concentração e apoio à população abre portas a 24 de julho, preparado para ser ativado em emergência durante a Jornada Mundial da Juventude

This model system can evolve over time, activated progressively according to the needs arising from the type of incident and the vulnerabilities of the population, and is therefore organised into different response areas in terms of psychosocial support.

Lisbon's Civil Defence has committed to carrying out prevention and rescue operations during WYD. Planning is a guarantee of successful operations, as it enables scenarios to be anticipated, making it easier to manage any unforeseen events that can happen in the case of emergencies.